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Koenig & Bauer e Celmacch rafforzano insieme la loro presenza nel mercato in espansione del cartone ondulato
Koenig & Bauer acquisisce il 49 percento delle quote di Celmacch Group S.r.l. Il focus sarà rivolto al mercato del packaging in crescita con particolare attenzione a stampatrici flessografiche HBL e fustellatrici rotative per l'industria...
Sandra Chooses Celmacch
Celmacch is excited to cooperate with Sandra S.p.a., one of the leading manufacturers of corrugated cardboard in Italy, which has been in this industry for over 60 years. Sandra S.p.a. is a well-structured and continuously...
Celmacch is successfully moving forward on its growth path
2021 ended for Celmacch Group with highly successful and increasing operating performances by reporting an adjusted EBITDA exceeding 3 mln Euro. Only in the first half of 2022, Celmacch reports an order backlog of approx....
Imbal Carton chose Celmacch Group to upgrade its printing and die-cutting line
With 3 factories, 150 collaborators, 1.200 customers and 77 million SQ.M. of corrugated cardboard transformed in 2021, Imbal Carton is without doubt an important reference point in the landscape of packaging producers.
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