Chroma CUT EVO: rotary die cutter with direct drive motors
  • HBL technology with fixed modules and printing from below
  • Siemens servo drive technology
  • Quick Set Up & on the Run Changeover
  • Competitive operating costs and fast return on investment
  • Remote maintanance and faults diagnostic
A perfect combination of innovation and funcionality that can meet the highest expectations and European quality standards.

Within our range of high definition flexo printers, Chroma CUT EVO represents a perfect combination of innovation and functionality. This model has been designed for those businesses in search of a solution that is not necessarily as sophisticated as the Chroma High Tech, but without compromises in terms of print quality, die cutting precision and productivity.

High precision rotary die cutter with direct drive motors: the rotary module, extremely precise and robust, is equipped with Celmacch’s quality control system. A high-spec bundle vacuum stripping stacker completes the machine, featuring high dynamic non-stop system to guarantee perfect sheet cleaning and stacking.
Developed to meet the highest expectations and European quality standards.

The mechanical parts are all made in Italy, whilst all electronic components and direct drive motors are provided by Siemens. Any other components are all supplied by the best European manufacturers. The machine is completely assembled in Italy at Celmacch’s facility in Desenzano del Garda, guaranteeing the highest levels of reliability in the long term.

Rotary die cutter for those businesses in search of a simple yet effective solution

Chroma CUT EVO rotary die cutter
Sheet width Max 1700 mm
Min 550 mm
Max 2100 mm
Min 550 mm
Sheet length Max 1280 mm
Min 520 mm
Maximum printing size 1700X1300 mm 2100X1300 mm
Maximum mechanical speed 9000 sheets/hour
Ø Stereo-Holdercylinder 448,17 mm (with stereo)
Processed materials F, E, A, B, C, AB, AC, BC, EB, EF
Corrugated board Thickness of 1 to 8 mm
Solid board Thickness of 1 to 3 mm
  • Operator controls on the left is the standard set up, but operator controls on the right is also available
  • Excellent and consistent precision thanks to Direct-Drive technology
  • Ultra-precision vacuum transport system with direct drive motors and extremely precise driving belts
  • Carbon fibre chambered doctor blade system
  • Automatic high efficiency washing system
  • Siemens' PROFINET technology
  • Each printing press is driven by several SIEMENS independent motors
  • Celmacch drying system double action (IR + Hot Air) available on request
  • Video based quality control system 100% to detect any defects with automatic expulsion of faulty sheets
  • The automation system is completely implemented according to Siemens' PROFINET standards (Industrial Ethernet) and is characterized by flexibility, reliability, roboustness and high transmission speed
  • The use of connected devices within PROFINET improves the diagnostic process in case of faults, even remotely thanks to direct contact with Celmacch's specialised technicians
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